Vagabond Cookies Reviews Molly C

"When you're in the mood for a chocolate chip cookie fix, these cookies go above and beyond. I'm embarrassed to say how many cookies I've had in my life, but these are undoubtedly the best!" - Molly C, Toronto ON

Vagabond Cookies Reviews Haroon T

"Tried Vagabond Cookies for the first time and let me tell you how great these things are. I'm not the one for having a sweet tooth but Vagabond Cookies have easily converted me. Perfect crispy edges with gooey soft centers. Feed me more!" - Haroon T, Hamilton ON

Vagabond Cookies Review Farah I 

"A friend of mine brought these cookies to a picnic. They're super yummy! Not sure if it was socially acceptable to swipe all the cookies and run..." - Farah I, Mississauga ON 

Vagabond Cookies Reviews

"These are so good it's stupid." - Rotimi A, Burlington ON

Vagabond Cookies Reviews

"If an inanimate object can make me fall in love, Vagabond Cookies are it. These cookies have the perfect mixture of chewy & crunchy, sweet & savoury, and a true adventure with every bite! Beware of inhaling 5 in one sitting because that's what I did." - Anna Z, Toronto ON

Vagabond Cookies Reviews

"These cookies were extraordinary! They smelled delicious, looked beautiful, and still exceeded my expectations with every bite! Would love to steal this recipe any day." - Lucy L, Guelph ON

Vagabond Cookies Reviews 

"Vagabond Cookies is the perfect combination of crispy edges and a soft chewy centre. All you want in a cookie. The addition of toffee to the chocolate chip cookie makes it perfectly sweet and adds to that chewy delicious texture. 100/10 I recommend." - Maria L, Mississauga ON

Vagabond Cookies Reviews

"I only allow a select few delicacies into my sacred circle of indulgences, otherwise I try to stay healthy. These have the homemade charm, but the quality of an expert bakery. They should be the standard for cookies." - Will T, Waterloo ON